Homemade Vanilla Sugar

Single Vanilla Bean copy WMMaking your own vanilla sugar could not be easier.  You can substitute vanilla sugar for granulated sugar in any recipe.  It is also wonderful added to coffee or sprinkled on baked goods.  This makes a great hostess gift, party favor and is a terrific addition to any gift basket.


  • 2 Cups Granulated Sugar
  • 1 Vanilla Bean, cut into 1 inch pieces


  1. Place sugar in a jar or bowl, add the vanilla bean, cover and shake well.
  2. The sugar will take on a more pronounced vanilla flavor with time.
  3. This can also be done with turbinado (raw) or demerara sugar with equally delicious results.
  4. The best part is you can just add additional sugar to the jar as it is used and your original vanilla bean pieces will impart their sweet floral goodness to cups and cups of sugar.


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  1. Gail, this is fantastic, I love the simplicity of it!

    I used to joke about myself, “I never use a recipe that calls for more than 3 ingredients, and 2 of those are salt and pepper.” My sister, who cooks amazing and complex dishes, always chuckled along with me on that remark. So, your recipe in today’s post is right down my alley, as the saying goes. Great to include the gift idea as well as the turbinado sugar substitution option.

    Abundant gratitude.

    • Gail Gammon says:

      The best recipes, Dena, are the simple ones. I bet your sister would love it if you made her a jar of vanilla sugar. You can even include one of your favorite recipes and hint for her to make you something complex and amazing :)

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